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Business Thank You Cards

Dare to be exceptional. Everyone knows that professional relationships are paramount to your net worth. Being gracious and polite for favors others have extended to you is THE only way to stand out from the rest. Your Rolodex of colleagues, employers, clients, associates, and professional's business cards are a treasure chest full of gems.  At some firms, your contacts could potentially raise your income through commissions on sales. Leading advertising agencies are known to pay executives 200-800,000 per year and salaries are negotiated entirely on the valuable contacts in their personal Rolodex.  Your personal and professional contacts are so critical to your career that it is necessary to keep the communication flowing with a mailing of exceptional business thank you cards.  Every contact that you make can potentially turn out to be useful in the future.

One important way to keep opportunities open, is by sending thank you cards after any type of professional networking event, interview, referral, project completion, large purchase order or business meeting.  It's also important to be mindful of all important contacts made at seminars, and conventions who may have passed along an important contact or had accommodated you in some way.

Often times, a text or email does not make the statement of professionalism, and often times get's lost in the shuffle.   A warmly designed, thoughtfully composed card seals the deal.  This is the secret of highly paid executives!  The receiver can keep the card on their desk and be reminded of you subconsciously as they go about their day.

Below are some situations, where in a professional setting, a thank you card would be apropos:

example of a good business thank you card
  • Unemployed professionals trying to land a job.
  • Sales people who are grateful for a client's contract
  • Businesses who want to show appreciation
  • Business colleagues you have networked with
  • Professionals who offered you their expertise such as Pro bono publico (voluntary professional work with out payment as a public service)
  • For a headhunter or employment agency who finds a job for you
  • For the hard work a temporary employee did at a company who is then offered a full time job for which a head hunter or employment agency draws a commission from

Remember these important tips when sending a thank you cards:

Be timely, when sending a thank you card to a potential employer. A good tip for graphic designers is to have several made with your own custom design printed on the front and to carry them with your portfolio.  You can design them to match your resume, business card, and letterhead.  When going to an interview you can then drop one off at the reception desk on your way out. If you are a real estate agent, actor, or actress, and had an audition or a meeting with perspectives interested in your work, print cards with your photo on the front either in the template you chose or by uploading a pre-designed card.

After an interview, we suggest sending out a thank you card within 24-48 hours after the interview.  The truth is not all the interviewees send out thank you cards. By showing your appreciation for the employer to sit down with you and meet you shows so much about your character. Be prepared by purchasing many cards, and send them out right after your interviews. When you land a slew of interviews you'll be ready to have multiple jobs to choose from. In today's economic atmosphere, you'll be at the top of the interviewer's list!

After receiving some professional tips or potential business from a colleague at a conference or an important annual convention sending a thank you card to the address printed on their business card shows that not only have you entered their information in your Blackberry, iPhone or Android but that you have considered how important the information or conversation was to you. Also, keep in mind that by offering your appreciation through a thank you card, you never know what types of professional relationships you are opening your career to for years to come.


In a high school or college setting if you have received a recommendation letter, a thank you card is always appreciated for a professor's hard work. Often times, writing recommendation letters are time consuming, and if the person who looks over your credentials makes a call to the person that wrote the recommendation letter, the thank you card helps them remember you, which can be important for acceptance into universities, receiving scholarships and potential entry-level jobs.

If you are a salesperson where a friend passes your card to their company's purchasing department, it would be apropos to send a thank you card not only to the business, but to the friend who passed along your information. Also, if you already know your client's birthday, you can send a thank you card designed with their pantone colorstrology color.

In businesses who would like to strike up more fiscal revenue, there will be a return on your investment when sending out personalized thank you cards, especially if you place a coupon code or special sales announcement inside the card.

Composing your messages and choosing your design:

In composing your thank you card message, write it as you would speak it,and let your personality shine through. Remember, this is a professional card; avoid flowers or something romantic to avoid the wrong impression. The use of business colors emphasize your intention. Deep blue is the safest color and communicates reliability and tranquility.  Black is sophisticated, formal and elegant. Green is the new black and can convey your attention to environmentalism, or can also symbolize victory. Orange can be used in more creative environments is a more playful color and shouldn't be used for more critical contacts.  White or beige can be a good choice for banking, accounting, medical, and law firms.

Remember, if you have poor handwriting due to typing a great deal, you can have your recipients name addressed with the proper salutation printed inside above a personalized message, and have special message printed on the cover. If you have an excel file with all of your important contacts you may send out messages to all of them in one fell swoop using our our variable data feature.

Below are tips on writing your thank you message in a professional setting:

Write an outline of what you would like to say. Then clean it up by making sure to spell check, fix grammar errors and avoid run-on sentences. Remember the spelling bee in sixth grade? Well forget that. Use a computer software program to assist you in spelling. Microsoft word is an excellent choice for editing your text. Remember, notepad, word pad or email programs don't always have a spell check.

Salutation- Make sure to address the recipient in a professional manner. If you don't know if she is Mrs. Or Miss, then writing out the full name is the most appropriate way to address the person.
Dear (Mr., Miss, or Mrs.,)
Thank you for _________. We are very grateful for  ________.  It was wonderful
to speak with you about _______.
Thanks again!

Sincerely, or Best Wishes,

Your Name:
Your Position:
Your Contact Information:

Here are some pre-written messages that you can edit for your own message:

Dear Mr. J.R. Statton,

I enjoyed our conversation at the International Brain Surgeons Convention in China last week. Your speech about brain cancer research was eloquent and informational. Thank you for your pointers that you gave about your office's medical equipment needs. Thanks again!

Inside you'll find the brochure of our equipment list. I hope your journey home found you safe.

Best Wishes,

Thomas Hathaway,
CEO of American Medical Technologies,


Dear Sally Fallow,

It was great to speak to you this afternoon at the instructor interview panel. Thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio and your comments were very nice to hear. Thanks again.


Adam Foaller
Adjunct Multimedia Instructor


Written by one of our staff writers, Vanessa Stark