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The holidays are a busy time and it's really nice to take the time to plan so that when your favorate holidays do arrive, you'll have time to enjoy them.

For many people, it is difficult to get the holiday cards out the door in time so that they arrive to their destination before the holiday is over. At thank you cards we make it easy to create a routine so that sending out holidays is easy and memorable.

Here are some tips to make sending out your holiday cards for every occasion easier. Create an address list. Organize your information based on work, church, family and friends. Gather your cell phone, address list, and other means of collecting addresses such as a computer connected to the internet, make sure you have all the addresses of loved ones you wish to send a card to. Enter all the addresses using Microsoft Excel. Create a document for family, another for friends, another for work, and another for other organizations such as church. Include a column for First Name, Last Name, and Address. Avoid adding extra information on this document, as you will use this document to upload variable data to thank you cards as well as printing out labels. One by one add all your names and addresses. Look over the list. Go to holiday thank you cards and click on Sign In, then start by choosing one design. You can edit the design later, so just click continue to the next step. In the shopping cart, click on the question mark where it says "Switch to Variable Data Greeting Cards" , then click on CLICK HERE if you want to print individual personalized information on each greeting card" Then you can upload the excel document you wish to include here. Once you got through this step, you don't have to do it again. You can use the same list for multiple holiday cards. The best part about this process, is now you can pass on the list to friends and family that may also need the list!

You can order the cards all at once and get all your holidays ready at once. Then when you receive the cards, you can stamp them and address them all at once and get that part out of the way. Then simply mail at the time that is appropriate. You can write in your calendar, mail cards today. You'll have them all ready to go, so all you have to do during the holiday rush is send them out.

Some recommmended cards are as follows:

When designing your cards, include family portraits, children's artwork, or other personal images to upload to our online template gallery. There are 1000s of templates to choose from. Make sure to hit save, and we will save your design forever.